Yoshitomo Nara Keychain Classic Celebrity Keychain 2001 Girl in A Box by Yoshitomo Nara Keychain

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Design your everyday with celebrity keychains that you love to snuggle up to. Match your style with patterns and designs from our professional design team.
original design. Make personalized gifts with photos of your favorite celebrities. I believe that such a product with your favorite star will bring more surprises to your star chasing journey. Photos of all famous scenes are used to record every moment of your favorite star. Use your favorite star design as a keychain. This way, wherever you go, just bring your keychain to keep your favorite stars by your side. It can also be used as a gift for friends who like this star. Each key chain will go through strict quality inspection, I believe you will be impressed by its quality.


Weight: 15.4 g

Size:4*6 cm

Material: acrylic


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Yoshitomo Nara Merchandise

Who is Yoshitomo Nara?

Yoshitomo Nara is a Japanese contemporary artist. He is a pioneering figure in contemporary art whose signature style—which expresses children in a range of emotional complexities from resistance and rebellion to quietude and contemplation—celebrates the introspective freedom of the imagination and the individual.


Yoshitomo Nara started to paint graffiti on the streets in the late 1980s. He graduated from Aichi University of the Arts with a master’s degree in 1987, completing further studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, from 1988 to 1993, before settling in Cologne in 1994. This period of time was a pivotal influence on Nara, during which he began synthesizing Japanese and Western popular culture, as seen in Nachtwandern (1994), and when he arrived at his mature style, as seen in Pony Tail (1995) and Haze Days (1998). Nara’s paintings enact a fleeting presence between the figure and the ground—a result of several layers of paint in subtly varied if subdued pigments that he applies throughout the painting process—in which the figure pops out of or floats in a space that appears to exist outside the constraints of time.


In 1995, he had his first solo exhibition in Tokyo and from then on he has been exhibiting his work around Japan and internationally. His work is characterized by its childlike simplicity, which often depicts children or animals with big heads, small bodies, and round eyes.

Nara's most famous series is called "I'm not lonely". It shows Nara's childhood friends who have grown up to be adults with their own families but still retain their childish qualities.


Nara’s work spans painting, drawing, photography, large-scale installations, and sculpture in ceramic, bronze, and fiber-reinforced plastic. Influenced by popular music, memories of childhood, and current events, he filters these references through an exploratory realm of feelings, loneliness, and rebelliousness especially, which span autobiographical as well as broader cultural sensibilities.


Yoshitomo Naras Arts

Nara has had nearly 40 solo exhibitions since 1984. His artwork has been housed at the MoMA and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (LACMA). His most well-known and repeated subject is a young girl with piercing eyes.


Nara's work has been shown in major international exhibitions, such as "The Artist's Museum" at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; "The Great Artists" at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; and "The World Goes Pop!" at The Royal Academy, London.


In June 2005, Nara's artwork was featured in the album titled "Suspended Animation" by the experimental band Fantômas. Other commercial products (including videos, books, magazines, catalogs, and monographs) have been dedicated to Nara's work. Recently, a two-volume catalog raisonné of all his sculptures, paintings, and drawings was completed.


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